PORTFOLIO > Domesticating the Frontier

As part of a residency course facilitated by Richard Walker and supported by FOR-SITE, a group of six artists explored the Nevada City FOR-SITE environs and responded to the theme "Re-Presenting Experience: An Assessment of the Figure Within Landscape" through on-site installation and interpretive projects.

As a way to situate myself and my comprehension of site, I began first with an excavation process in which I removed material from the top soil layer by hand. What was revealed was a larger complex ecosystem and micro topography. Employing topographical screens as a second layer of comprehending site, I positioned and repositioned them in a cartographic exercise. Utilizing the source material of my experience and through photo documentation, I removed pixels from images to generate my own mapping of a frontier through reflective prose and distilled fragments. Through this process, the site underwent a domestication process, I curated the space to understand it and to position myself as a lone figure in a vast territory.

"A lone figure, dwarfed by the immensity of nature, confronted and challenged by the ferocious splendor and magnificence of the surroundings in which s/he is engulfed, is a common theme in many 19th-century Romantic landscape paintings. This provides a point of departure for a class examining the relationship between landscape, figure, and the representation of experience."