PORTFOLIO > Speculations

I approach place as a compressed illustration of social and political histories, both past and unfolding. Using materials imbued with the narratives of construction and language extracted from organizational systems theory, my interpretive maps attempt to chart this complicated layering and illustrate the confusion inherent in grasping the totality of place.

Flowchart drawings and three-dimensional renderings are the first step in the interpretive process. Through a layperson’s uninformed attempt at mocking up systems, I extract fragments or parts of flowchart language that attempt to map out parts of a system. Through these exercises, I wield systems theory language to overwrite site with the lexicon of flowcharts overlaid on photographs or transparencies of a specific location.

In my sculptural flowcharts, I utilize found fragments of infrastructure (e.g. pvc pipe, hand-extruded terracotta tubes) to generate built forms based entirely on speculation and metaphor. Mimicking the potentiality of an interpretive map, my handmade material objects are also collapsible, transferrable, mobile tools through which to interpret and engage with elements of power and powerlessness.